How to Cook Moringa Drumsticks

Moringa PodsThis post serves as an introduction to cooking with Moringa, by presenting one possible preparation of the Moringa pods, or “drumsticks” as they are also commonly known.

Here is an excerpt from the recipe, followed by a link to the original article, enjoy:

Although physically unimpressive, the moringa tree has been called “the miracle tree” and “the tree of life” by many in the humanitarian and agroforestry fields because of its valuable uses. This fast-growing tree can reach 10 to 15 feet within a year of being planted, and it thrives in challenging environments. It has four edible components: the pods, or drumsticks, the leaves, the seeds and the roots. The pods are similar to Chinese bean pods and average 12 to 15 inches in length. Enjoy their delicate, asparagus-like flavor at home with one of several quick and easy preparation techniques. ..//

Link provided below for recipe, but also be sure to check out more info on Moringa on our Plantpedia Page, under Trees...

Recipe Link

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