"Hugelkultuur" Beds Project

Hugelkultuur is probably not a well known concept; we came across it while researching different methods online. Living at the coast, the soil in our garden is very sandy, with no natural humus content. This makes it difficult for anything to thrive.

Raised Hugelkultuur Beds
The basic concept is that instead of dumping layer upon layer of compost on to the dead soil, you create a mini ecosystem, which over time decomposes into a more natural humus environment, as illustrated below:

"Hugelkultuur" Beds Project

The following series of photos are the step by step raising of our hugelkultuur bed – not exactly as in the illustration above, but close enough…

Step 1 – Trench to ensure a foundation


2 Lay down Bulky organic material


3 Fill in Gaps with green organic material


4 Add decomposing layer


5 Add compost


6 Finish up with layer of mulch


…and that’s it – bed ready for watering and planting! This was January 2013. I will share pics of the yields we are experiencing with hugelkultuur beds in my next post

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